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Friday, June 27, 2008


The preparation was then, the time is now. BERSATU Games 2008 Wellington, 28th June-2nd July.

MUMSA preperation was been superb. We've been as organised as much as we could be though there were a few slip ups, but thumbs up to the guys and girls who put in their effort and time to make our contingent preps a success.

Let's see our progress and make the target's a reality. Go MUMSA, auuuuuuu!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Remember the times..

Remember the times we used to spend in school at breaks just hanging around and talk about anything that comes up into our minds

Remember the times we spent every Saturday sitting apart in church choir practice without others knowing what’s going on with us in the beginning

Remember the times we used to go out for movies and you would always want me to hold your hands from beginning until the ending.

Remember the times when we played badminton and you would always laugh and smile in embarrassment when you miss a hit and then giving me the look to indicate to me to give you a better return

Remember the times at night when you always get upset because I forgot to send you a goodnight text and mornings too

Remember the times when we quarrel that you always cry and make me look like the bad guy

Remember the times when it took great pride and humbleness in saying that we’re sorry first and then accepting the apologies and promising a change

Remember the times when we have bad days we still never fail to cheer ourselves up just by talking for hours

Remember the times when my mum scolded me because I called you too much and the phone bill was so high and you wanted to pay me

Remember the day that I left you cried your eyes out in front of my family and relatives because you thought you may never see me again

Remember the day that I first called you from New Zealand you broke into tears in a matter of seconds because you missed me

Remember the day that I first joined the Malaysian Club I was so happy I talked about it to you so much that most of the conversation was 99% me and did not have a chance to talk when I wanted to put down but still you were ok with it

Remember the day when I got you the first gift from New Zealand you were so happy and delighted you couldn’t take your eyes of it or leave it alone

Remember the day I returned from New Zealand you came straight to my house and gave me a big hug and stayed for the evening just to catch up after one and a half years being distant

Remember the day we went bowling and you beat me in your very first time

Remember the day that we went to Sushi King and ate RM30 worth of food and still was hungry

Remember the day that I sent you off to KL and told you now I know how you felt when I left for NZ

Soon, you will be leaving Malaysia for real, this time, to a higher stage in life. I will not forget all the times we spent together and apart. You love runs deep in my veins and down in my heart. The bond we have is inseparable at any cost. One thing is to love with your head, so much more different when loving with your heart. I will continue to pray everyday that our love and relationship continues to grow and many ways and reflect the love that God has gave us because without Him, there wouldn’t have been us, not for this long. The challenges we face and go through, God put them in place because He knows we are capable of pushing through. I will count the days until your time has come to go to the States and wish you a good time preparing for it. You’re a big girl now and you have to learn to take care of yourself already =)

Remember the times and days we had in 3 years? They will come again………..soon

Yours truly,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time is so silent

I woke up at 8am today and sat in my room until now, which reads 11.32pm. This is the 1st time in a long time that I have not gone out of the house. For the past 2 and a half weeks I have gotten out of bed by 7am and off I go to university library by 9am. That was my routine. Today that routine was broken and how glad I was to be able to not worry about time at all. Getting out of bed as I wish, eating breakfast and enjoying it, taking my shower without rushing and just walking around the house knowing missing the bus wouldn’t matter. I had to sacrifice it for exam period but today wasn’t to be. Part of deciding to stay in bed and at home was because it was windy and raining outside. Also, my study partner felt the same way too and not want to get wet and be subjected to the wind. Mind you I have NOT stepped out of the house all day yet. Not even to feel what the wind was like! Gosh I’m so pathetic am I not? Doesn’t matter.

My morning was spent playing games and chilling out before I actually put my mind to study. It’s such a challenge to get yourself to study at home, especially in your own room where the bed lies inches away and the internet is staring at you saying, “Please use me!!” Nevertheless I got to do some study but honestly, efficiency wasn’t at the peak. Library atmosphere still works best for studying with intense focus and attention. Time at home was spent mostly being distracted. After one slide I could see myself picking up the guitar, which was what I exactly did. If it’s not that, it’s playing computer games. Being discipline at home really stinks. It just doesn’t work as easy as words can say. I admire and salute those who can. Really do. The target is there which is to study but the tools are not in place: Atmosphere and motivation.

Time becomes very still as you watch your clock tick. Everything is silent too. That applies to my home because I was the only one. Put these 2 together, it becomes boredom. It’s like time is waiting for you instead. All I want to say is thank you to my study partner(s) during this 3 week period. Being indirectly present at the library motivated me to study and concentrate because watching you all study helped too. Conclusion? I had the best study period in my life. Consistent study at the library helped me prepared for my exam. The 2 papers I had already, they were awesome and I couldn’t be more confident about it. I pray that yours are the same too and that the results you get will be satisfying.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day

This is a late wish to my dad but a wish is nevertheless a wish. I was completely oblivious to Father's Day falling on Sunday, even oblivious that it was around the corner. Like "frog beneath the coconut shell". Anyway, Papa, Happy Father’s Day to you;

For striving thick and thin with me,

For being patient with me as a spoilt child,

For caring and loving me unconditionally from day one,

For never forgetting to pick me up from school late again since Primary 2 without telling me first,

For making time with me to play badminton,

For bringing us all out to eat occasionally making up for the time you constantly spent at work,

For driving me around all the time to hang out with friends,

For staying up late nights on Christmas Eve to pick mum and I up from church,

For bringing me up willingly without debt so I may have a good life and education,

For trusting me in what I do,

And for all the other things I fail to mention, I’m sure you now them already too.

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Not your everyday sight

This is something you don't see everyday.

Taken at the recent Cultural Festival @ The Square

If i'm 170cm, guess how tall he is?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eureka 'Moment'

I have a lot of things to blog about but when it comes to penning things down, I say, “I’ve got nothing to blog about.” It’s one of those nights where you just want to let your feelings be written out in words, but feel lazy to. The night is now, and the time…… a few days down the road. (Sigh). It’s nearing the end of semester which is why it’s much easier to have time to reflect about stuff that happens now. Pressure of exams have been lifted, 2 down and a remainder to go on Thursday. For tonight, I would just like to dedicate my prayers to the few and far between.

To my mum,

That the Lord may take care of you, bless you with good health and spirit. That you may find seek god closer everyday. I pray to the Lord that He can forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done to you in my 19 years being under your care. I’ve held grudges, scream back, cursed etc but I know what you do, you do because you love me and I’m grateful and thankful for ALL the things you’ve put me through. I would not take back any single day from my lifetime because by your guidance and care, I am what I am today, to be able to have a good education, life, responsibility and matured thinking that I may not have if I weren’t your child. The pain you had to go through for years ago years to come, I pray that the Lord holds you through it.

To my dad,

That the Lord may look over him and bring him back to the hands of God. That the Lord may bless him with good health and strength to live life in the eyes of God. I pray to God that He may also forgive me for the mistakes I’ve done against you. Your sacrifice has made me who I am today. You are my role-model in growing up. With my friends, I’ve never failed to say, “My dad is….” Because of the person you are. I pray that He may always look upon you and keep our family from danger and bring is closer to Him and one another.

To my brother and sister,

That the Lord may also bless you with His gifts and show you both what He wants from you. All the arguments and differences we have, I would not trade them away for anything else. The silence at home doesn’t show who we are and I’m thankful we are family. We fight because we love one another, which is why I thanked the Lord for it. You instill challenges in our life so we may grow closer. Let us grow even closer as we move away from teen-hood.

To my Tiger,

That you may always be strong to live day to day as the Lord has given you. I pray that our time apart may be useful for our time in the future because “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. You’ve grown stronger each day that I could see the difference for all these years. I’m very proud of you and thankful for the Lord in helping us move forward. I pray that each day that passes without you is a day spent with you with great love.

To my friends,

Many wrongs I’ve done to you. I pray that God forgives me as I find the opportunity to seek forgiveness from you all in the future. I pray that the Lord guides you each day towards your goals and not deviate from God’s eyes.


31st May - The Newlyweds

2 posts in a night. I’m on fire. Only because I’m bored and felt the social responsibility to spread happiness. Happiness should be shared all round and not be kept to yourself.

The Date was 31st May 2008, and the place was St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My friend Sylvia and James were both married that day. It was my 1st time attending a wedding to someone close. It wasn’t only for one of them, it was for both. I know both James and Sylvia, so can I say I’ve attended Sylvia and James’s wedding?

“So who’s wedding did you go to this year’s?”

“My friend James and another friend Sylvia”

“Wow, who are their partners?”

“Sylvia and James”

It was a touching event to see. Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime to your partners. To watch them ready for commitment and going through the ‘3 Rings’ of marriage was just a memorable thing. Indeed, I’m happy and sad at the same time. When your friend gets married, they’ll leave behind all the usual things they used to do with you: The usual hang-out spot, the meals, the socializing times and also the hard times. Friendship ends abruptly once entering marriage life. Things eventually change. As you grow older, your circle of friends diminishes. It’s inevitable but unfortunate. You lose something to gain another. On a bright side of life, many more opportunities and challenges lie ahead. The wake of putting in front your life becomes a priority. Fast forward, you get many more commitments than just your spouses. Bills and work becomes your friend and they stick to you.

I used to have this skepticism when I was in secondary school, that when a friend has a girlfriend/boyfriend, he/she will no longer be part of ‘the gang’. Until this day, it stands true. A long story trimmed short, my friends A and B sort of ‘left’ me in Form 3 when they hook up with girls of their own. It wasn’t literally left, but more of, giving less attention. We weren’t as close as we used to be already. At each break-time, they would tag off to hang out with their newly found friend, and I’m left in class in search of people to hang out with. It was a tough thing to go through seeing myself discarded. It hurt so much at a stage where I hated the 2 girls because they robbed us of our close friendship. Since then until now, I have not seen the trail of A and B nor have I had the interests in contacting them at all. Partly because I still cannot forgive the fact that something so precious was taken away due to the fact it’s inevitable. Not only did they not introduce their gf’s friends, they cut off their side of friendship and joined the other side. I guess it was a good experience I had with them. I would not wish to have the time back. It was a really tough challenge, put forth by God, to tell me what life would soon be. A lifetime challenge.

Nonetheless, I vowed not to step into the bread crumbs that they made, that Sabrina sometimes ask me, “Why you hang out with so and so often but not me??” That’s probably why dear. I don't want to neglect my friends like how they neglect me. I've only got one more thing to work on now, which is to get to know your friends.

Usually I sidetrack and indeed I have! It’s supposed to be a happy post! Anyways, congratulations to James and Sylvia. Hope you like..ahem ahem…love, my present=).

OCF/Close friend group photo

The newlyweds

Trying to be in the spotlight =p

Back from the Dead

It's been a while since I’ve touched my blog. Even longer since the last person that came across it left a comment.

The past month has been tough. Really tough. I had 7 assignments in the whole month of May and to cap it off, final exams the month after. I had no choice but to cut off socialising and also sports. It was just assignments day and night, breakfast until dinner, Monday to Sunday. But hey, I’ve finished 2 exam papers already thus far, and I've got the remaining this coming Thursday.

Wish me luck. I promise I'll be back soon with updates. I know who's very very disappointed. I'm sorry I've sidetracked what I've promised to set out to do beginning of this year. It's not over.